Grants provide essential support for the mission of the Center to promote an awareness of North Carolina's rich pottery making traditions, past and present.North Carolina Arts Council-For General Support $25,000-Folklife Program Traditional Arts in Schools $8,000.

The TAPS funding supports the two sessions of 5th grade afterschool pottery workshop.

Seagrove 2011-2013 TAPS program

Sid Luck of Lucks Ware Pottery was chosen to coordinate the 2012-2013 TAPS program at the North Carolina Pottery Center. Chad Brown is serving as teaching assistant along with Susan Greene and Nicole Hudson. Twenty fifth graders from Seagrove Elementary School applied to the program and ten have already completed the fall session. The spring session begins in February. Classes are meeting after school once weekly for ten weeks. Students learn the basics of traditional wheel turning, hand building and glazing along with the history of the area.